Refining the Art of Approaching Women

While millions of words have been written on the art of approaching women, it tends to be the men that think about it the least have the most success. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t prepare yourself for a night of carousing, but just like pitching, those than tend to over think it are the ones that perform the worst. Here are a few basic, no nonsense tips you can keep in mind the next time you head out to the bar or club of your choice for a night with the fairer sex.

The art of approaching women has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Man, for the most part, have abandoned cheesy pick up lines in favor of simply starting conversations with hello. Women are far more discerning and sophisticated than most men give them credit for, which means that if you try to play a character or try to be someone your not, they will see through it and you’ll end up being the butt of their jokes for years to come. There is nothing wrong with having a particular game plan in mind when you approach a woman you wish to talk to, but stay away from scripts because they seldom work.

The art of approaching women is all about subtlety. If you need a flare gun and a flashing billboard to get a woman’s attention, chances are, she’s either too impaired or too preoccupied with someone else to notice you. There are, as they say, other fish in the sea so you will likely be better off chatting up a woman who actually seems eager to meet someone. If you approach someone and begin talking and you realize half way through your second sentence that you are talking to the back of their heads, turn around and walk away.

The art of approaching women is all about making a good first impression. You can’t hold yourself up to the expectation that you will make every woman laugh or make every woman swoon. The best you can hope for is that you are able to engage them in conversation so you have a chance to get to know them instead of striking out. Most men choose to open with a joke of some kind, but you need to make sure that the joke is appropriate and funny, otherwise you are likely going to be greeted with nothing but a disapproving frown.

Finally, the art of approaching women is all about experience. The more times you try, and yes, the more times you fail, the better prepared you will be the next time. Expecting a perfect batting average is incredibly unrealistic, even for a movie star. Every woman has different things that impress them about a prospective partner, and even if your lead in joke is hilarious, you may be too short, too tall or you may be wearing the wrong clothes for that person. Bow out gracefully and try again soon.

by Brent Crouch
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