5 Sex Secrets She Will Never Reveal To You

Women are mysterious creatures. While they're great at displaying emotions, often they'll hide their hidden desires. And this is especially true when it comes to what they like in the bedroom.

The truth is women have many secrets about what they like AND what they don't like from guys during sex. Probably right at this moment, your woman really wants you to do things during sex which you are not aware of. If you can discover her hidden desires, then you'll rock her world.

To get an idea of what I'm talking about, here are 5 of the most common sex secrets she probably will never reveal to you:

Secret #1- She doesn't want you to go for hours

Many guys think the key to pleasing a woman is to have the sexual stamina of a marathon runner and go for hours. The problem is women get tired (and sore) during a long sex session. Secretly your woman wants you know please her without subjecting her to a lengthy sex session. If you can please her in a half an hour, then she really won't care if you can go for hours.

Secret #2- She sometimes wants sex, not romance

While all women profess a love for romantic lovemaking filled with candles and soft music, sometimes they want sex to be a little dirty. Even though romance is an important part of the sexual experience, there are often moments when you can score some serious points simply by acting in a VERY non-romantic manner. For instance, she'll sometimes wants you to simply rip her clothes off and have a quickie.

Secret # - She wants YOU to be in control

It's a simple truth. Women want to be with men who act like MEN. This means you should never behave in a lower status man and act like you don't know what you're doing in the bedroom. Simply put, you have to act like a man when you're having sex.

Being a man is about knowing the specific things which pleases your woman and then DOING them. So when you're in the bedroom, don't act timid or shy. Instead give off the aura that you're completely confident during sex and you're in complete control of her pleasure.

Secret #4- She wants to try new things

There are a lot of different sexual experiences your woman secretly wants. Whether it's a bit of roleplaying, threesomes or even the "big A", she's probably privately fantasizing about stuff you can do with her (or to her). The important thing to remember is everybody has fantasies. Your job is to coax them out of her and then work hard to fulfill them.

Secret #5- She wants it in the morning

Guys are known for the ability to be ready for sex in 3.5 seconds. Women on the other hand profess a desire for extensive foreplay. That's the reason why many guys think women don't want a "quickie" in the morning. However the truth is a lot of women secretly want a bit of sex in the morning before they start the day. Simply try to initiate things in the morning and you'll be surprised at her response.

Women have lots of secrets they keep from men. But if you can reveal her secret desires in the bedroom then you'll quickly become her perfect lover.

So look for the warning signs of the 5 secrets I discussed in this article, and you'll be on your way towards sexually pleasing her.

by Scott Patterson
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5 Sexual Activities That Turn Off Women

I looked at her like she was crazy.

About a month ago, I was engaged in a deep conversation with a female "friend" of mine. The topic was what "turns on" women. My point was a guy should focus on pleasing a woman. She on the other hand, had the viewpoint that guys should be ONLY concerned with eliminating the behaviors which can "turn-off" a woman.

Well after arguing for half an hour, I realized she had some valid points. In fact, I came to the conclusion that all guys can learn a lot about what turns off women. If you can avoid them, you'll take that crucial first step towards pleasing a woman. And here are the 5 most common sexual things which turn off women.

1- Bad hygiene

Seriously, women hate when guys smell or have poor hygiene. Before you even think about hopping in the sack, you should make sure you've showered and don't smell like you've run a marathon. In addition, it's important to do the proper maintenance actions like shaving, applying deodorant, cleaning your ears and brushing your teeth.

2- Being a poor kisser

Women love guys who can kiss with passion. The converse is they hate guys who either act too wussy or too aggressive when they kiss. This means if your kissing skills lack a punch, then you'll probably disgust her. If you want to turn her on, it's important to find out how to kiss and work hard at applying this technique.

3- Acting like a wimp

The simple truth about sex is women want to be with men who act like MEN. If you're acting like a wimp in the bedroom, then you're turning her off. Wussy behavior involves asking her if "she's enjoying herself" or being too afraid to try new things.

4- Acting too aggressive

Now being too aggressive is just as bad as acting like a wimp. When you try to push a woman around you'll display disgusting behavior. If she thinks you're only concerned with your own pleasure, then she won't enjoy sex with you. While women want men who act confidently, you should NEVER get too aggressive with a woman.

5- Rushing things

Women love the entire process of sex. To them, the build up and foreplay is as just as important as the main act. So if you rush through things, you'll probably turn off your woman. To make a woman enjoy herself, you should take your time and focus on her pleasure.

As I said at the start of the article, there is a lot to be learned about women's sexuality. If you can eliminate (or never display) the 5 behaviors I list in this article, you'll discover that it's easy to please your woman.

by: scottj65
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Refining the Art of Approaching Women

While millions of words have been written on the art of approaching women, it tends to be the men that think about it the least have the most success. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t prepare yourself for a night of carousing, but just like pitching, those than tend to over think it are the ones that perform the worst. Here are a few basic, no nonsense tips you can keep in mind the next time you head out to the bar or club of your choice for a night with the fairer sex.

The art of approaching women has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Man, for the most part, have abandoned cheesy pick up lines in favor of simply starting conversations with hello. Women are far more discerning and sophisticated than most men give them credit for, which means that if you try to play a character or try to be someone your not, they will see through it and you’ll end up being the butt of their jokes for years to come. There is nothing wrong with having a particular game plan in mind when you approach a woman you wish to talk to, but stay away from scripts because they seldom work.

The art of approaching women is all about subtlety. If you need a flare gun and a flashing billboard to get a woman’s attention, chances are, she’s either too impaired or too preoccupied with someone else to notice you. There are, as they say, other fish in the sea so you will likely be better off chatting up a woman who actually seems eager to meet someone. If you approach someone and begin talking and you realize half way through your second sentence that you are talking to the back of their heads, turn around and walk away.

The art of approaching women is all about making a good first impression. You can’t hold yourself up to the expectation that you will make every woman laugh or make every woman swoon. The best you can hope for is that you are able to engage them in conversation so you have a chance to get to know them instead of striking out. Most men choose to open with a joke of some kind, but you need to make sure that the joke is appropriate and funny, otherwise you are likely going to be greeted with nothing but a disapproving frown.

Finally, the art of approaching women is all about experience. The more times you try, and yes, the more times you fail, the better prepared you will be the next time. Expecting a perfect batting average is incredibly unrealistic, even for a movie star. Every woman has different things that impress them about a prospective partner, and even if your lead in joke is hilarious, you may be too short, too tall or you may be wearing the wrong clothes for that person. Bow out gracefully and try again soon.

by Brent Crouch
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Multiple Orgasms by Stimulating G-spot

As you may be well aware, stimulating the g-spot can help the woman to achieve orgasm. However, you may not know that it can even help a woman to have multiple orgasms.

As you may be well aware, stimulating the g-spot can help the woman to achieve orgasm. However, you may not know that it can even help a woman to have multiple orgasms. In fact, a lot of women state that it is easy to have multiple orgasms by stimulating the G-spot. They also say that it is even easier than having multiple orgasms by stimulating the clitoris. As a result, it is always good for a man to learn to stimulate the G-spot of a woman so as to help her to achieve multiple orgasms. Besides, you may try to talk to her when you are stimulating her G-spot. You can tell her how sexy she is and you love her very much. As a matter of fact it is very important to talk to your partner in bed. This will also enhance their orgasms. Another good thing with multiple orgasms through stimulating the G-spot is that the woman will feel better in the next orgasm. You will certainly drive her to heaven with multiple orgasms since it will be more and more intense with each orgasm. Yet you have to remember that when orgasm is concerned, quality is always more important than quantity. Concentrating on the quantity will do no good to both you and your partner. There is no point to have multiple orgasms which are of low quality. You should also be prepared as it will take some time for your lady to have orgasm by stimulating the G-spot. Usually it will not happen till a few weeks after the first time you try to stimulate her G-spot. Do not be surprised if you find that your lady cannot reach orgasm when you try it at the first time. There are also sayings that the intense of orgasm will have positive correlation with the strength of the kegel muscle. So it is always important for women to have exercises to train their kegel muscle regularly. In order to make the stimulation more effective, you may try to use some sex toys. There are vibrators which are designed specially for G-spot stimulation. You can ask the staff at the sex toy shop for the products which can be used for this purpose. In short, it will be good to explore the G-spot orgasms. However, you should always discuss with your partner before the exploration process. As discussed, communication is always the most important thing in bed!

Powerful and Shocking Secrets That Can Give YOU The Ability To Make Any Woman Explode With Orgasmic Pleasure...Almost On Command

by Jerry
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Tantric Touching Tips To Make Her Burn With Desire

Sexual Tantric touching is a great 'bonding time' activity with your partner. Engage in it and you'll benefit from more than just physical pleasure.

Tantric touching is a great part of Tantric sex. It forms as a great primer to hours upon hours of lovemaking. Since it's such an important element, you need to make time for it. You cannot just ask your woman to lie down and be touched! You need to set a time and place for tantric touching. Sexual Tantric touching is a great 'bonding time' activity with your partner. Engage in it and you'll benefit from more than just physical pleasure. Tantric Touching Tips Here are some tips that will surely heighten the level of sexual touching for you and your woman. Touching is not only done with the hands. Sure, you can start the session with light touches like touching her toes and/or closed eyelids with just your fingertips but don't be limited with just using your hands. You can use your wrists, your arms, your legs or even your whole upper body! Tantric touching examples: - Dab a little scented oil on the insides of your wrists and rub your wrists together. Now glide your wrists on either side of her face, from her forehead to her chin and back again. Apply little pressure, the scent of the oil and the silky touch of your wrists should relax her mind. - Ask her or position her arms above her head. Using the length of your arms, run them along the side of her body. If you're a bit hairy, all the better; the different texture will feel good on her smooth body. - Ask her to lie face down. Put some scented oil or massage oil on your upper body and glide against her bare back. Be careful not to put all your weight on her! Touching can be as soft, light, or rough as you guys want it to be. Touching can mean many things. It can mean feathery like running a single fingertip from her collarbones to her belly or a bit harder like using your nails and (mildly!) scratching her arms. Tantric touching examples: - Use your fingers and TAP on her forearms. - Use your whole hands and RUB her back (or front if your naughty). - Use your nails and lightly scratch her bare buttocks. Tantric touching should make use of different intensities. Try to alternate between light and hard strokes or
touches. However, make the transitions slow. Don't just rub her back and then immediately run a fingertip on over her spine. You want her to relax, not tense up! Tantric touching should be done when you BOTH feel up to it. One very important tip is this: don't force tantric touching to happen. Tantric sex is all about giving and receiving so if either one of you (or worse, both) are too tired to engage in tantric touching, then simply re-schedule! No pressures remember? Tantric touching tenet: there are no 'orgasmic' goals. Keep in mind that tantric touching does not have to necessarily culminate in reaching an orgasm. Again, it's bonding time so if you guys reach an orgasm, great! If not, that's great too. Focus your mind on what you're doing NOW - touching and exploring each other's bodies - and not on any later sexual goals. Don't be ashamed to use props. Tantric touching can incorporate so many things! It can include different types of fabric (e.g., satin, silk, cotton, velvet, etc.), different pillow sizes, and even some select food items. Don't be ashamed to let your imaginations run wild. Role playing has its place in Tantric touching. If it helps you both, you can crate your own scenes and situations. Just don't forget to imagine the flow of energy between the two of you two. For example, as you run your hand against her thighs, imagine the warm, tingly energy flowing from your body into her thighs (or vice versa). It's ok to take breaks... but try not to break contact. Sometimes, breaks are necessary during Tantric touching. For instance, she might have reached an orgasm and touching her erotically further may not be a good idea. In this case, simply change the pressure, rhythm and location of your touch and give her a few minutes to 'come down to earth'. However, is possible, don't break skin contact. Continue to touch her with your fingertips or ensure your knee is in contact with her leg, etc. Also since Tantric touching can last for hours, it's not a bad idea to have a decanter of wine or pitcher of water, and some food items (e.g., fruit, cheese, etc.) nearby.

Deep Sexual Bliss Is Only Moments Away...
Allow Discovery Channel's Sexperts Al & Pala
To Guide You Through Sexual Mastery!

by Gabrielle
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Winning Ways To Become A Seductive Babe

A seductive babe is a girl who has the power to attract a man romantically. All girls want to have the powers to do this and, this is evident in how girls carry themselves. There are many things that you can do if you want to win the game and become a seductive babe. The following are ways in which you can seduce a man successfully. The purpose of seducing the man in the first place emanates from a need to know them and maybe enter into relationships which them. And, before we look at sure ways to seduce a man, keep in mind that no romantic relationship can be established without seduction at some point. Therefore, learn from the following tips and, you will be ahead in this regard. The first thing to is to have confidence. There is nothing more attractive than a girl who has confidence and some attitude to go along. This does not refer to being mean looking. When the man speaks to you, you need to show kindness, goodness and gentleness. Therefore, being hard headed will not get you far. Make sure you are pleasant and the man will love you.

The other thing is to maintain eye contact. There is something glorious about the eyes that can only be expressed this way. The emotion in your eyes needs to be affection and desire to be close to them. A seductive babe will play hard to get in often times. However, you need to master the game so that you can win in it. Ignore the guy you want to seduce once in a while and, you will make then think about you more. However, when you ignore them for a long time, they will loose interest in you and look for some other girl to be with. Playing hard to get to be a seductive babe needs to be played by seasoned seducers if you want it to work. Otherwise, you can simply take time responding to his requests one or two times and that's it. Make sure you do it right. Another sure way is to make sure that you are looking fabulous. Ladies should look fairly sexy and when you are meeting him, you need to make sure that all your vitals are highlighted.

You need to wear a dress with a nice show of figure. Wear some make up to highlight your eyes and lips. This is definitely one simple way of getting the attention of the man you like. Other tips to become a seductive babe are to watch your tone. When talking, do it gently and if possible, do it like you are whispering. You can also blink your eye innocently to show some form of vulnerability yet playing hard to get. This mixture of emotion gets a guy worked up and, they love the challenge. Flirting will be in order and this is how you get to be naughty while maintaining the confidence. Make sure you are wearing a sweet perfume. For this reason, you will keep him guessing about you and what you are all about.

By: Francis K. Githinji
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How To Find An Ideal Woman

Do you want to find an ideal woman to date? If the answer is yes, you need to keep reading. Finding an ideal woman to date will ensure that you get an ideal woman to marry. In other words, your decision for the person you are going to date is going to be determined by the girls you date. For this reason, the dating process becomes a very serious affair. You cannot afford to make any mistakes. The first thing to consider while dating is what you want from the relationship. There are people who simply date without any serious intentions. If you are not looking for a wife, you might escape easily but, if you are looking to find a lifetime partner, put your emotions aside. In this modern generation, there are so many couples who have claimed to be madly in love and after a short while, they end up in divorce court. This is not to say that you should not fall in love but, it is vital for you to open your eyes as well. You should be looking at the attributes or qualities of the girls you plan to marry.

Instead of emotion, you should be considering issues. Find out what this girl is all about if you want to date her. It is very easy for you to jump to conclusions about her when you have not known her true character. An ideal woman should be as clear and open like a mirror. Judge her for what she does; not what she says. There are very many sweet girls who can never become good wives. However, it all depends on what exactly you want in a wife. There are men who go for women with very strong principles while there are others who are good having the opposite character for a wife. Being critical while dating to find an ideal woman is perfectly in order. However, it is vital that you set standards which are actually attainable. This is because there are guys who expect angels to fall from heaven. It is vital to make it clear that in life, you are more likely to attract the kind of woman who is just like you. Define ideal and, you will definitely know the kind of woman you want.

The following are some of the qualities that an ideal woman for marriage should have. They should believe in the family unit. With so many girls who are not content about marriage, it is vital to know exactly who you are bringing into the house. You need a girl who is able to manage your household. Therefore, you want a good responsible lady who is able to think critically when it comes to issues. You need a loving and kind lady who will be there for you. This is the purpose of marriage. When a woman fails to be a companion, she fails in pretty much everything. Look for a lady who can be an equal partner and one who is ready to provide for the family when need be. These are many things to look at but, when an ideal woman is at stake, you have to consider this and more.

By: Francis K. Githinji
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How to Talk to Women - A guide to Successful Speech with the Fairer Sex

When first laying eyes upon a woman that you find desirable it may seem an easy thing to simply introduce yourself and begin a normal conversation; however, for many, once presented with the actual pressure of conversation, it become extremely difficult to proceed with right words. Too often either the words you had meant to say seem to have completely left your thought process or the words you do manage to get out are not at all the select ones you had previously chosen. Because a first impression can be so important the pressure of this situation can cause severe, though perhaps temporary, speech impediments that cause the speaker to come off in a bad way.

Overcoming an initial meeting isn't the only situation where becoming a little tongue tied can be a real problem; often second or third meetings can be just as awkward as the first, in some cases more difficult because the pressure to impress seems to have increased.

How does one overcome these lapses or blunders in conversation with a woman that they hope to dazzle? Following a few basic steps both before and during the conversation could help transform your conversational skills from disastrous to spectacular:

Before you speak to the woman: Much of the problem in conversation begins before you even attempt to speak; often before an approach people will spend a few minutes focusing on how not to come across badly rather than being positive. This complete focus on your faults is usually an excellent way to bring them out, while increasing your level of stress at the same time. It is unnecessary to go over a check list of all of the improper or foolish things that you might say; focus instead on positive aspects of your personality and the situation.

What do you have in common?: Where you are: If you spot a woman who you would like to speak with it is most likely at a social event of some kind; immediately you do have those surroundings in common and usually build from there. Whether or not you agree on the music, food, drinks or atmosphere it can be an easy point of discussion to share without having to reveal anything to personal or embarrassing right up front.

Honesty, even if tweaked: Though many people feel that it is necessary to embellish about their preferences or tastes, as not to disagree with a person that they find interesting, many women can tell when you are agreeing just to be agreeable. It is better to thoughtfully disagree with her opinion on a topic and explain why you feel the way that you do then it is to flat out lie. Now when expressing your opinion about any topic with a woman you do not yet know well it is often a good idea to tread lightly, even about subjects you feel strongly about. This method of expressing politely allows for her to feel free in expressing her own opinion and shows her that rather than just blustering about topics for the sake of conversation, you actually think about what you're saying. This style of conversation can result in many different feelings from a woman; openness, confidence, honesty and a tiny bit of trust which can go a long way to gaining her respect. Even if you feel you have to be subtle in how you word your feelings as to not be offensive, this is a great deal more honest than agreeing with an opinion that you secretly do not.

Opening lines: Many people try to select opening lines that will get a positive response and with it, an invitation for more conversation. Hundreds of ridiculous opening lines have been circulating the bar scene for decades with little or no positive result. Even dating match sites online have had their share of common openers that make women roll their eyes and ignore their pursuers. Why then do people so often use these worn out phrases when approaching a pretty woman? Simply because they are nervous and are not sure of which string of words will allow them to remain at her table, stool or chat window and that is precisely why they so often do not work. Using an opening line that is neither creative nor original suggests immediately that not only are you not a very special person, but that you do not find the lady you have chosen to speak with interesting enough to dazzle her. One of the best opening lines and one of the most successful is simply the word hello; this can be followed by an introduction or an observation about your surroundings, but keeping it simple in the beginning is often a wonderful way to start up a conversation without coming on too strongly.

Relax: One of the most important things to remember before you approach any woman is that she might be just as nervous as you are; relax and keep it simple. Meeting people, especially in a romantic capacity, is difficult for most and there's no reason to allow yourself to become too nervous. Showing these signs of anxiety also send out a terrible message to the woman you are speaking with; essentially: I am not good enough for you but I'm going to try to speak with you anyway...please don't reject me? Tossing out characters flaws such as this one before you have even had chance to display your strengths is more often than not a great way to get rejected; so relax and take a breath, she is a person just like you and even if she isn't interested it shouldn't make you feel like less of a person; she doesn't know you.

Once you have successfully moved beyond those first few critical lines and she seems interested in more conversation you might want to keep just a few tips in mind to further her interest:

Balance in conversation:
If you completely dominate the conversation in likelihood she will become bored and dismissive; remember to allow her to share with you; on the other hand don't force her to do all the talking or she may find herself thinking later that she knows almost nothing about you. Too much conversation indicates that you are not very interested in her life and personality traits; while too little can send the message that you are not very interesting and probably not worth her time.

Confidence in your voice: Don't be shy when sharing about your life, obviously some topics are too personal too share right away but keeping the conversation on topics that people only use as ice breaks is no way to win her heart. Always keep in mind that confidant and egotistical are not the same thing, there are times to be humble and times to be strong, know these key times in the rhythm of the conversation and you will likely know great success.

Know what you want: Perhaps before you even set foot into the bar, club or chatroom a very important thing to know is what you are looking for in a woman. Don't be afraid to have goals in mind whether they be as simple as a one night stand or as far reaching as marriage and children; surprisingly enough there are probably thousands of women near you who share your goal and will appreciate your candor; don't make the common mistake of thinking you have to play a role in order to gain the interest a woman.

The short version: Keep calm; be confidant (without being an egomaniac); share with her, but don't take over the conversation and be yourself. Following these few simple steps may help better prepare you for you future conversations with those women who you thought you could never speak with and make them wonderful ones.

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5 Sex Position Mistakes You Need To Fix Tonight

Have you ever noticed how a group of women will start talk about sex after a few drinks?

Well if you haven't, then you should be aware...

If you pay close attention, you'll realize that women will always brag (or complain) about the sex partners in their lives.

So let this be a warning...

If you're not 'rocking her world' then your poor sexual techniques could be the next topic of conversation.

Scary thought, right?

The good news is there are a few simple ways to adapt your technique and become the best sex part she's ever had. Now the best place to start is the positions you choose to use during sex.

If you can identify a few things you might be doing wrong, and learn to make adjustments, you'll instantly become a great sexual partner. Here are 4 mistakes you could be making and how to fix them:

Sex Position Mistake #1- Going hard and fast

A lot of guys think going fast and hard during sex is the best way to please a woman. Because of the influence from pornography, some men think hard sex is the answer for a great sex session.

While sometimes fast-paced sex is fun, you should still take time and pay attention to her needs. So don't try to imitate your favorite porn movie. You'll only end up looking like an idiot.

Sex Position Mistake #2- Using the same old position

Okay, we all have that trusted position we love.

But I have to tell you, if you're always doing the same thing over and over, things will become boring really quickly.

Instead of reverting to the same position, try varying things. Sex is the time for fun, so don't be afraid to experiment and try new things out.

Sex Position Mistake #3- Getting too fancy

While the Kama Sutra is a fun book to read, you shouldn't try to implement every position listed in this manual. In my opinion, this book isn't the best place to learn about lovemaking. Sex isn't about trying to bend you partner in every conceivable position.

To become a great lover, you don't have to try anything fancy or use 1001 sex positions. All you have to do is stick to the quality positions and focus on pleasing her.

Sex Position Mistake #4- Letting her do all the work

One of the best positions is when a woman is on top. While this is a great time to let her control the pacing and action, you shouldn't use it as opportunity to "take a break". Laying there like a dead fish will do nothing for her needs.

So if you want to maximize this position, you can stimulate her erogenous areas and run your hands over her body. She'll love being on top if you're working to please her at the same time.

Sex Position Mistake #5- Being afraid of controlling things

Many men view sex with nervousness and fear. So if you're one of those guys who approaches sex with trepidation, she'll be quickly turned-off.

For instance, if you're always worrying about her pleasure during sex or asking "is this good?", you'll be viewed as a weak person. And if you act like a wuss in the bedroom, you'll lose a lot of respect from her.

The one truth about life is men are attracted to women who act like women. Conversely women are strongly drawn to men who act like MEN. So if you're a weak person in the bedroom, she'll start to treat like this.

In order to become an incredible sex partner, you have to quickly identify and fix the mistakes you're making in the bedroom. When know how to please a woman, you'll become the guy the kind of man a woman will brag about.

by Scott Patterson
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All About Female Masturbation

Female masturbation is a topic that is still largely taboo in our society, even though great strides have been made in feministic revolutions around the globe. The problem around female masturbation is that for the most part, women are left to figure out on their own how to achieve an orgasm and how to masturbate.

There are many different ways for a female to have an orgasm with female masturbation. Female masturbation is probably the best way for a woman to explore her sexuality; since she does it herself, alone, on her terms, she can pinpoint exactly what arouses her and what doesn't. Some women orgasm from clitoral stimulation during female masturbation, others from penetration into the vagina, and others do from fondling the G spot. If the idea of female masturbation seems a little daunting, dont worry. Female masturbation can be broken down into steps that will help you on your way to discovering your erotic preferences.

The first step when experimenting with female masturbation is to relax. Take a few deep breaths and a few minutes to gather your focus and put it all on you. It is difficult to reach climax if you are thinking about bills, groceries, and the kids, etc. The next step in female masturbation is to turn on your imagination. Whether you choose to think about a past sexual encounter or one that you get turned on at the thought of, put your vivid imagery skills to good use and start dreaming up erotic fantasies that will get your blood pumping. Once you are relaxed and have a fantasy or memory in mind, next you should begin running your fingers all over your body, exploring to see which areas respond to touch. Female masturbation is all about your clitoris, your nipples, your labia, and your perineum, for starters.

Now that you have found which body parts are sensitive to touch during female masturbation, use your fingers and experiment with a variety of touches: strokes, either in a back and forth or a circular motion, tickles, tugs, pulls, and little twists to your genitals are all great ways to heighten your sexual arousal during female masturbation. Remember to breathe throughout your female masturbation experience, releasing sexual tension. Rhythmically rock your pelvis like you would during intercourse as well. As you come closer to orgasm during female masturbation, add in stimulation to your nipples, clitoris, and vagina. Using a dildo or your fingers to thrust in and out of your vagina during female masturbation will help. As you begin to orgasm, keep the stimulation going, but ease up some as you reach the height of the orgasm. Don't stop altogether yet, though, because as the orgasm winds down, there are great little aftershocks to enjoy.

Although nothing is required for female masturbation except your fingers, using sex toys is a popular way to discover new sensations and add variety and fun to your female masturbation routine. Vibrators are great for beginners and advanced experts in female masturbation, because they can take some of the work out of stimulating the clitoris. So relax, find your hot spot, go to work, and play with some toys, because female masturbation is a great way to find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time.

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Giving Women Orgasms - Discover The *Secret Formula* To Be A Woman Killer!

Giving women orgasms is often one of the most important skills every man should know.

But the problem is most people aren't born with the skills or are not provided with a perfect manual on how to satisfy a woman in bed. Studies show that most women are not satisfied in every sexual intercourse with their partners.

Almost 70% of women haven't had an orgasm and only 30 % of women have had a vaginal orgasm during intercourse. This is the reason why you need to know some tips on giving women orgasms extremely fast during your love making sessions.

Yes, tips No.1 - Make sure that she is in the right mood. How your woman really feels has a lot to do with her willingness to achieve an orgasm or not.

Remember that she should totally be in the right frame of mind and stress free. Positive mood of a woman has a great effect on the flow of hormones in her body which can make her entering the state of orgasm really fast!

Spend most of the time on foreplays. Foreplay would be more or less the warm up before the big thing. Every woman desperately desires out of her man for a good foreplay.

Here are some hot tips on how to give a woman a stunning foreplay. Be slow, never rush. This is giving women orgasms secret no 2 action!

Women like it most when they feel the sensation. The slower you take it, the more turned on she would be.

Give her gentle kisses on her trigger points, like at the side and back of her neck, earlobes, her back and her breast. Gentle kisses will definitely do.

And, always tell her how gorgeous she is and how you much you love her. Train yourself to last longer in bed. This is what women usually complain about.

Lots of men don't last long enough in bed to which they are not able to give their woman orgasms. This is the big reason why women become frustrated.

A piece of advice, masturbate several times before having sex with your partner. This will help you last long enough and give your partner a real satisfaction.

Giving women orgasms is an art that needs to be mastered by men who care about their love partners.Sex is a major part of a woman's life. This is one of the factors that women want to stay alive.

In fact, most women are extremely more addicted to sex than men, but they don't really show it. Women want to feel respected, loved and cared for in every way possible. But when a woman is with her man, she wants to be able to completely surrender to him.

There are certain qualities a woman requires from her man - one of them is giving women orgasms. She wants to be appreciated and supported by her man sexually.

She requires feeling as sexy as possible, natural and emotionally connected to her man. Communication between them should always be open and natural.

And lastly, is to have mind blowing sex, she need to be seduced, to have passionate sex, to be teased. She needs to have new fantasies and roles over and over again.

A woman has to trust you and respect you for her to be able to open up to you. They say the greatest sex organ is the brain which is very true for women. A woman needs to feel different emotions and feelings and it is your role to lead her there.

Giving women orgasms can sometimes be difficult for some men but the willingness to learn, as well as with time and experience, you will surely be a great lover!

by Linda Scheifer

Bachelor Party

Bachelor party time? Whoo-hoo! The bachelor party is known as the ultimate wild party. Too bad most bachelors don’t remember their own bachelor party. We all hear they had a heck of a time.

The bachelor party is usually thrown by the groom’s brother or the best man. Or both if the brother is the best man, making him a two-for one special. The night is usually filled with wild partying such as gambling, heaving drinking, going to a strip club (or 5) and hassling the groom all night. The groomsmen tend to try to talk their buddy out of getting married through “this is your last chance, and “I can still get you out of this" taunting tactics. If the tactics fail, then hey, he’s ready to get married and so be it. Congrats.

Bachelor Party History

The bachelor party is thought to have originated in ancient Sparta where soldiers would toast their buddy on the eve of his wedding. Let’s just say, it’s well since evolved, so we’d just like to remind you to have a great time, but drink responsibly.

Party Invitations

Face it guys, you’re not going to send out a bunch of handwritten invitations. You typically pick up the phone a couple of times and tell those guys to tell the other guys, and so on. If all show up, cool. If not oh well, you told them. Not your fault.

How about one centralized location that all can come to for info and even put their own two cents in? The web and Web 2.0 technologies, you’ll look like a champ when the day of the big bash rolls around and everyone’s there and ready to go.

All you do is create a web page with the bachelor party details and personalize it to your night of partying. Sound hard? It’s not. Even a monkey can use these multi media tools, so save your monkey around until the party.

With the use of over 60 multi media tools, you can create this page with your theme, pictures, videos, music, comment walls, and more. Then you simply send invitations to all the big dogs coming to the bachelor party and you’re good. You’ll send to them electronically through email that contains a web link to your page. They’ll click it and boom, bachelor party details galore.

They’ll see the other guys on the guest list and see who’s in, who cheesed out, and who hasn’t responded yet (probably still pleading like a little kid for permission from the wife). All of you will be able to communicate and network and really sling some bachelor party ideas around. You can also cross network with other bachelor party online groups and get even more ideas on how to torment your buddy.

Assign task! You don’t want to do all of the work, so assign previously agreed upon tasks to the other groomsmen through the task manager. Another awesome idea is to set a budget and post and manage that online. You can also send out automated email reminders for the tasks and of course the big Bachelor Party.

Events Listed has you covered. You’ll look like a genius and everyone will show up because you actually communicated with everyone. No half-attempt word-of-mouth shenanigans. Well wishes to your friend.

by: Simon Ford
Article Source: www.Content-Syndication.org

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