3 Sexual Foreplay Techniques to Use On a Woman

One of the most interesting things about giving women the kind of mind blowing orgasms that are guaranteed to have her wanting you more or more is in the fact that the real secret to giving her those kinds of experiences is in sexual foreplay.

What you may not know that sexual foreplay when done correctly starts way before she might even be beginning to think about sex.

In this article, you will learn 3 sexual foreplay techniques to use on a woman that will help you give her the most amazing mind blowing orgasms that she has ever experienced.

Sexual Foreplay Technique #1 - Turning her on when out in Public

Turning a woman on in public is both easy and effective for the same reasons which are it is unexpected and highly romantic.

It also lets the woman that you are with know that you find her attractive and the kind of woman that you want to be seen with.

Some things that you might want to consider doing with her in public are kissing or touching her in a provocative way.

Once you realize and remember that sexual foreplay starts long before sex you will find a variety of different ways in which you can turn her on.

Another great one to do in public is playing footsies underneath the table with her.

Sexual Foreplay Technique #2 - Creating the Right Kind of Mood or Ambience

Once the two of you are at your place you want to make sure that the environment that you will have her in will allow her to relax and at the same time become highly aroused.

Turning down the lights, lighting some candles and playing some soft and soothing music in the background is one of the best ways of creating the kind of atmosphere that will allow her to physically and mentally be ready for the sexual experience.

Sexual Foreplay Technique #3 Sensual Massage

Hands down giving a woman a sensual massage is the most effective foreplay technique that you can use especially if you are planning on ending the night by giving her the most intense and mind blowing orgasm that you can think of.

In terms of preparing a woman for sex, nothing is as good as giving her a sensual massage. One tip that you are going to want to consider when giving a woman a sensual massage is using a massage oil that has pleasant fragrance to it and at the same time warms her skin her as well.

Since the two of you are still in the sexual foreplay phase and not at the sexual intercourse one yet, start off by rubbing her shoulders and necks then moving your way down to her back and legs.

From this point you are going to want her to roll over and if you truly do have the magic touch she is going to be wet in anticipation of what is going to come next.

However, while she might be ready for more your goal during sexual foreplay is to get her as highly aroused as possible which means continue to give her a massage and then at the end move to her more sexual parts such as her breast, vagina, and clitoris.

Once, you find yourself at the point where you are ready to stimulate her clitoris and move on to more sexual intercourse type activities apply G Female Stimulating Gel underneath the hood of her clitoris and gently massage it in.

At this point, if you did the 3 sexual foreplay techniques above correctly and effectively it will be only a matter of moments that the woman that you are with has the kind of mind blowing orgasms that make all that time you spent on sexual foreplay worthwhile.

by Trey Osborne

Do Men Cheat More Than Women?

So who cheats more, men or women? This is a popular and controversial question. There aren't any exact statistics available on this, and the numbers would surely be inaccurate, anyway. This is because when it comes to people admitting their cheating in polls and surveys, men tend to inflate their number of affairs and sexual partners, while women tend to hide or downplay the extent of their extramarital affairs.

According to a poll conducted by WomanSavers.com, over 62% of women think that men
cheat more than women. This isn't surprising -- because most of the voters were men!

Naturally, women believe that men do most of the cheating, while men will argue at
women cheat "just as much as they do."

Is this really true? Some experts say that these days, women and men do cheat in equal numbers. The difference is that men who cheat tend to be more "serial" about it -- they cheat with a variety of sexual partners. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to get into a longer-term extramarital relationship.

Decades ago, men surely did most of the cheating because they had far more opportunities to do so. It is true that most affairs begin in the workplace, and back then, men were the only ones that HAD a workplace to go to. Women stayed at home and took care of the kids and the household.

Today, of course, men and women are both in the workplace and interacting with members of the opposite sex. Women are spending more time at work with their male colleagues than at home with their husbands. The workplace is also fertile ground for cheating because people tend to leave their grumpy feelings behind when they go to work. At home, people are stressed out over bills, taking care of the kids, and problems with their spouse; when they go to work, they can leave all of that behind.

Also, people tend to look their best at work. They want to look attractive and presentable. In the workplace, men see women -- and women see men -- in their best
light." It's not the same when they're at home, lounging around in a pair of sweatpants.

According to a survey, 46 percent of unfaithful wives and 62 percent of unfaithful
husbands have had affairs with someone they met at work. So you see, cheating at the workplace is a very big problem -- and it's happening with both men and women.

Another interesting statistic shows that the more money a husband has, or earns, the more likely he is to cheat on his wife. Having cash enables a man to travel, to join clubs, and to take time off from work. It also enables him to purchase gifts for other women, or pay for hotel rooms and travel when they want to get together.

Men who don't have much money tend to spend more time and attention on their families.

They have less time alone (which could otherwise be spent pursuing women), and they lack the funds to carry on affairs or take care of a mistress. But, this is not to say that the Average Joe who earns a regular wage is not going to cheat. Many of these guys do cheat, they just tend to have a harder time covering their tracks -- and they often get busted.

Through my research, I've also found that most men who cheat aren't looking to get
involved in long-term "affairs" with one woman. In America, it's not common for
cheating men to keep a mistress on the side. It's much more likely that they are
pursuing casual sex with different women, and one-night stands.

The other big question people ask is WHY men cheat, versus why women cheat. Do men and women stray for different reasons? The common assumption is that men are ruled by their sex drives and cheat mostly for sexual gratification, while women cheat when they feel emotionally neglected.

Well, my research has shown that "neglect" is the operative word in MOST cheating situations. When men feel neglected, they cheat. When a woman feels neglected by her husband, she'll be open to offers from other men. This neglect can come in many forms -- in the bedroom, or simply not taking an active interest in your partner's feelings and being emotionally supportive when they have troubles.

The reason why infidelity is so common in our society is that too many people place more value on their careers, children, hobbies and friends than they do on their relationships with their partners. When you neglect your relationship and your partner, it's may be only a matter of time before they start looking for happiness elsewhere. No one wants to feel neglected.

The bottom line is this: if you want to avoid becoming yet another infidelity statistic, you must nurture your relationship on a daily basis and pay attention the warning signs, before it's too late.

by Dean Cortez

How To Find a Girl's G-Spot

King Arthur’s bold knights were sent on a crusade to find and bring back the Holy Grail. The devious pirates of the Caribbean have continuously set out to search for gold and treasure. Explorers and adventurers are on an unending quest for immortality and the fountain of youth. This and many more unbelievable pursuits are testaments to how much men try to find what is almost impossible. Perhaps one of the most un-findable among these treasures is the woman’s walnut-like arousal button called the G-spot.

The G-spot has been shrouded in mystery all these years because it is almost impossible to find. It is said to drive a woman wild with nothing but the slightest touch. With these simple steps, you can be on your way to rocking your partner’s world. After touching her in all the right places, you can soon find that she will do everything for you. So read up and be on your way to finding her true satisfaction.

1. Get her to lie down. You can also do it standing up but if you are new to this game, you would be best served by having her lying down. Kiss her firmly on the lips and lay her on the bed. Undress her slowly to get her in the mood. Don’t stop kissing and caressing as you slowly peel away her clothes. Once you have her down to her birthday suit, it is now time to go on to second part of your plan.
2. Get her warmed up. The nest step is vital because it will prepare her for the actual search of the G-spot. You can start with some oral sex to prepare for what is to come. This should get her nice and wet. The more aroused she is, the better she will able to receive your searching fingers. Play with her clitoris and labia to get it nice and soft. Tease her a little bit by inserting a portion of your fingers. While you are doing this, continue kissing her all over her body. As she gets ready to receive more and more of your finger, then you can set the final stage of your plan.
3. Now that hits the spot. Now that you finger is in, feel for the G-spot at the front wall of the vagina. You should find a round walnut-like bump at about 2 inches above the vulva. Lightly tap this bump and see how she reacts. If she moans approvingly, then you are well on your way. Massage it softly until her breaths come closer and closer together. You should also feel the walls of her vagina tighten up. Continue massaging the G-spot, slightly quickening the pace. As she reaches her orgasm, kiss her firmly on the lips and smile approvingly.

Congratulations! You have just solved one of the most enduring mysteries. Now that you have found the infamous G-spot, you have proven to be one of the greatest explorers in known history. Now if you can just spot Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, then there will be no doubt to your greatness as an explorer.

By josh gelman

More Creative Ideas Talking Dirty With Your Partner

Do you want to spice up your relationship? You can easily learn the art of dirty talking. Erotic words when tactfully used can help you to enlighten your relationship. You would see the difference in your partner when you would whisper these naughty dirty talks into his ears. Here are some easy tips on talking dirty with your partner.

The one thing you should be aware of is that most men love to hear the women in their life talk dirty to him. You can be very creative in your approach but if you do not follow what your man is looking for then that would not be of any use. So you should take the first step of getting to know what your partner wants.

Playing with toys while having sex and talking dirty has always proved out to be a good spicing factor in any relationship. You may want to try out all different locations for initiating such talks. Other thing that can be tried is role playing. Example of role playing is slave and master, nurse and patient or anything what you can think of.

Next easy tip of talking dirty is talking in a new language which your partner may not understand. In dirty talking what really matters is your accent of voice and how you express it, what you say does not really matter. So even if you say things which your partner may not understand would trigger it if you say things with an art. Dirty talking is a creative art.

You would be amazed to see your partner’s reaction when you start talking him dirty in entirely new language. At first he may laugh on it but slowly he would be amazed with this new thing. You can try out listening to some foreign language tapes to learn some sexy words to be said while talking dirty.

Turn him on and his desire of having sex with you would reach real heights. Your sultry tone is the key to your skills of dirty talking. It acts like a trigger button to anybody. You should always try out new things so that your partner is always excited whenever he is with you.

by: Chris J Roberts

Single Men and the One Night Stand

There is a science to the one night stand, that blissful state where you end up having sex with a woman just a few hours after you have met. Certainly, having a one night stand is not for every man because it requires a few basics, such as an innate confidence, some conversational skills and an understanding of women in general.

It's actually easier to try to get them into bed after a few dates but this often involves a play of emotions that not all men welcome. For men who only want sex - and that's in reference to more than 90% of the blokes out there - the one night stand is the way to go.

One of the most important things about landing a one night stand is picking the right woman. You may not know it but there are actually women out there who are looking for a one night stand or who, at the very least, will be susceptible to your advances. It is your job to spot them.

There are several things to look for in reading this kind of woman. Look for a woman who dresses provocatively and wears little clothing. The logical reason is that she dresses this way to let men know she's available, but there's also a biological reason: when a woman ovulates, she is in heat like other mammals and subconsciously dresses to attract males.

Older women (mid to late-twenties and thirties) have the benefit of experience and are generally more fun-loving and adventurous, so they will make a good choice. Look for someone who is comfortable with her looks because a self-conscious woman will not be relaxed enough to sleep with you. Some guys believe that a woman with low self-esteem is easier to bed although she is difficult to spot.

Once you've approached the right woman, try to build a connection by speaking her language, mirroring her motions and giving her subtle compliments. You want her to feel that "I've known this guy for years." Your goal is to get her to relax and let her guard down. Sometimes, a little alcohol can help.

Sooner or later, steer the conversation towards sex to open her mind to the possibility of a one night stand. Do this subtly by asking probing questions about what excites her about a man, about her past and her personal preferences. Check her out for signs that she is interested in you, such as non-stop flirting, twirling her hair, moving in close to you and showing you her palms and wrists.

Once she is clearly interested, the masters at this game have a favorite ploy that always continues to amaze. They set their hook and then simply pull away. They pretend to lose interest, perhaps even saying their goodbyes and then starting to turn and walk away. This kind of reaction can jolt a woman as she sees the night's promise of excitement and pleasure begin to slip away. She won't be able to resist and will likely chase you and say, "Oh wait."

The trick is to make her think that sleeping together was her idea. If she thinks that is what you had in mind all along, she may pull away. But now, she's asking you to wait. This is the perfect time for you to tell her that you're tired of the bar and would like to go someplace else, like her place.

by Jodie Brittain
Article Source: http://www.ArticleStreet.com/
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4 Ways to Become Her Perfect Lover

Being able to sexually satisfy your woman is an important step to becoming a great lover. If you can fulfill all her needs, then you'll have one of the foundations of a great relationship.

But there are a lot of things which characterize the perfect lover. In order to "rock her world", you have to know what they are. In this article, you'll learn about the 4 most important traits of the perfect lover. If you can master them, then you'll be on the road towards being a great sex partner.

1- Putting her needs first

When it comes to sex, a woman loves a guy who puts her needs before his own. So when you're in the bedroom, the first priority is concentrate on her needs.

To make her really enjoy sex, you should do specific things which focuses on her pleasure. For instance you need to do the following:

* Give her great foreplay

* Pay her compliments and communicate on a sexual level

* Focus on her pleasure before your own

* Be prepared for the sex to come including using protection

2- Being a sensual guy

In order to really turn on a woman, you must be a sensual lover.

Now the thing to remember about sensuality is it's not about certain positions and having sex in a fast pace manner. Instead it's about being in tune with your own body and knowing how to be erotic.

By acting in a sensual way you'll create a seductive atmosphere when you're making love to a woman. The best way to accomplish this is to certain things like:

* Lighting candles

* Having a comfortable bed with a soft feel

* Playing soothing music during sex

3- Love to experiment

I want to be honest here...

Women HATE guys who act boring in the bedroom.

In order to be a great lover, you must be willing to experiment and find out what things she likes from sex. Now the best way to experiment is to test out different things on her and find out what really "pushes her buttons".

It's a simple fact that ALL women are different. Each of them is turned on by unique actions. By experimenting, you'll find out what really gives her pleasure.

For instance you should try:

* Kiss all her over body

* Give her oral sex and find out what she REALLY wants

* Change the location and the times you have sex

* Test out new sexual positions

* Experiment with things like sex games

4- Make an honest effort to please her

The final way to be her best lover is to make sure you're actually working hard to please her.

Typically most men don't care too much about how a woman feels during sex. Usually these guys think doing the same thing every time will make her happy.

Unfortunately this isn't true.

To really please your woman, you must make an effort to find out what gives her orgasmic pleasure. This means if she's not enjoying herself, then you'll try different things to discover what works with her.

Becoming the perfect lover to a woman isn't a hard thing to accomplish. If you make an attempt to please her and use all 4 of the actions that I described in this article, then you'll easily be the greatest lover she's ever had!

by scottj65
Article Source: http://www.ArticleStreet.com/

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