Your Other Errogenous Zones

  • ears (a love bite on the earlobes? a kiss--with his tongue swirling inside)
  • eyelids (sensuous when sealed gently with fingertips or a gentle kiss)
  • neck (can be nuzzled or lightly stroked -- as you would pet a purring pussycat)
  • waist (meant to be encircled in an embrace)
  • hollow in front of pelvic bone (the welcome pressure of his weight there)
  • hollow of small of back ( a butterfly kiss here, and a wisp-caress or deep massage)
  • inside of arm (can be covered with kisses or gentle bites)
  • hollow in palm of hand (a cup to receive his kisses, or a sexy palm reading)
  • fingertips (to meet his fingertips, or travel fickly over his entire flesh)
  • navel (one soft kiss with his tongue)
  • thighs (to enclose a lover's flanks, or face, or to receive a tender stroking)
  • buttocks (cupped, patted, gently rubbed)
  • toes (meant to be tickled, or sucked)
  • bottom of feet (another testing place to tickle)
  • back of the knees (touch here, lighter than a butterfly's wings)
  • Fingertip caresses excite a partner a lot, while palm caresses stimulate the one who strokes and pets.

In the nude, the ultimate caress is for your nude bodies to touch ever so lightly at as few points as possible. The more localized the sensation, the more thrilling power. To prove: Rub your hand hard, quickly, several times. Now take a fingertip and move slowly over the palm. You'll find it much more tingly. Now grab your partner.

The Sensual Nude: Erotic Ideas

  • thin gold chain dangling over your bare skin

  • painted toenail - vermillion, gold, silver?

  • henna tatoo - small, temporary, on one breast or buttock

  • waist-long hair

  • beauty mark-anywhere unexpected

  • perfumed powder on your fanny

  • jewel in your navel

  • feather fan to wave over your breasts, over his genitals

  • ribbons hanging from your hair

  • shoulder-length filigree earrings

  • satin pillow--beside your hips

  • thick brass slave bracelet on one bare upper arm

  • antique watch on a chain --ticking between your breasts

  • musky perfume near your secret hollows

  • bizarre peacock eye makeup

  • long ivory cigarette holder between your lips

  • elbow-length kid gloves

  • african amulet around your neck

  • body painting on your stomach

  • velvet choker

  • How To Be Aware of Your Sensuality

    What does it take to be sensuous? The special awareness of your body's reactions adds a tenderness to your touch, your speech... the way you move.. a tenderness that men respond to.

    Did you know that you have your own special taste? Yes, your skin tastes like no one else's. And your's your personal perfume. Even the sounds you make in bed are singular. Ironically, you never have much awareness of your own smell and taste during the act of love, because the nature of these perceptions is such that your aura engulfs your lover, while he wafts over you. He knows the fragrance of your hair, the taste of your lips, the feel of your breasts against his chest, your special love scent.

    During sex, you're bombarded by your lover's emanations...myriad stimuli titillate your're lost in his touch, smell, taste, and sound. Relish his warm breath, the feel of his smooth thighs, or the calloused palm of his hand over your breast. Watch his excitement grow, from the classic hardening of his desire to the warm flush on his face and chest. (Yes, the darling will actually turn colors.) You'll taste and smell his lips, his skin...hear his soft words that eventually fade into equally endearing and exciting gasps. You'll feel his growing excitement, the stiffening of his muscles, the anxious, aching thrusts of him... and finally, his sweet, damp satisfaction. Bliss!

    Through all this lovemaking your senses are totally alert. Every nerve ending reacts as you caress each other with the friction that makes your insides quiver...and delicious tension releases in an explosion of ecstasy. If you are consciously aware of how erotic senses operate, you can savor those sensations even more. Your erotic senses, along with your life support systems, are part of your animal response pattern, and crucial to life. Use sexual function or lose it. The sexual hormones that flow during excitement also keep your body tuned up --moist vagina, firm breasts. Unused vaginas atrophy!

    Bedroom Moves Men Love


    Men are just as sensitive in the bedroom as women are.

    The passionate kiss - more than just a seduction move, it's a way of saying "I love you" without words.

    The sensual massage - allows you to show your sensual side without being cheesy.

    Woman on top - Aside from being a visual treat, it's a massive compliment making a man feel it's her pleasure giving him pleasure.

    Sex from behind - It shows that the woman is confident with her body and thus it creates a sense of adventure for a man to enjoy the sexual experience even more. Men find confident women sexy.

    Oral sex - It shows how happy a woman is to be really intimate with a man. It's very flattering to see a woman worshiping his most precious part. He'll never forget you.

    Watching a woman touch herself - This is also a major turn-on. It is also a great way to find out how a woman wants to be touched without engaging in a clinical conversation.

    Talking naughty - It creates and added dimension in a relationship when a woman show's she's comfortable enough to let go of her inhibitions. It shows a sense of trust that she's even prepared to risk embarrassment so that he can open up as well.

    Cuddling after sex - If the relationship is based on love, it reassures both parties that what they have is beyond physical. It's good to savour the feeling and he can relax and forget the day's stress. It is very intimate and the hugs show how strong the relationship is.

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