Single Men and the One Night Stand

There is a science to the one night stand, that blissful state where you end up having sex with a woman just a few hours after you have met. Certainly, having a one night stand is not for every man because it requires a few basics, such as an innate confidence, some conversational skills and an understanding of women in general.

It's actually easier to try to get them into bed after a few dates but this often involves a play of emotions that not all men welcome. For men who only want sex - and that's in reference to more than 90% of the blokes out there - the one night stand is the way to go.

One of the most important things about landing a one night stand is picking the right woman. You may not know it but there are actually women out there who are looking for a one night stand or who, at the very least, will be susceptible to your advances. It is your job to spot them.

There are several things to look for in reading this kind of woman. Look for a woman who dresses provocatively and wears little clothing. The logical reason is that she dresses this way to let men know she's available, but there's also a biological reason: when a woman ovulates, she is in heat like other mammals and subconsciously dresses to attract males.

Older women (mid to late-twenties and thirties) have the benefit of experience and are generally more fun-loving and adventurous, so they will make a good choice. Look for someone who is comfortable with her looks because a self-conscious woman will not be relaxed enough to sleep with you. Some guys believe that a woman with low self-esteem is easier to bed although she is difficult to spot.

Once you've approached the right woman, try to build a connection by speaking her language, mirroring her motions and giving her subtle compliments. You want her to feel that "I've known this guy for years." Your goal is to get her to relax and let her guard down. Sometimes, a little alcohol can help.

Sooner or later, steer the conversation towards sex to open her mind to the possibility of a one night stand. Do this subtly by asking probing questions about what excites her about a man, about her past and her personal preferences. Check her out for signs that she is interested in you, such as non-stop flirting, twirling her hair, moving in close to you and showing you her palms and wrists.

Once she is clearly interested, the masters at this game have a favorite ploy that always continues to amaze. They set their hook and then simply pull away. They pretend to lose interest, perhaps even saying their goodbyes and then starting to turn and walk away. This kind of reaction can jolt a woman as she sees the night's promise of excitement and pleasure begin to slip away. She won't be able to resist and will likely chase you and say, "Oh wait."

The trick is to make her think that sleeping together was her idea. If she thinks that is what you had in mind all along, she may pull away. But now, she's asking you to wait. This is the perfect time for you to tell her that you're tired of the bar and would like to go someplace else, like her place.

by Jodie Brittain
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